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As you grow older, or as your elderly parents transition into retirement, a lot of questions may arise regarding how assets should be handled, how medical plans should be put in place, and much more. Our team of elder law attorneys at RAK Law help take the guesswork out of estate planning for the elderly, and help ensure that your rights or your loved one’s rights are protected. 

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What Does An Elder Law Attorney Do?

Elder law attorneys handle a variety of different issues pertaining to elderly or disabled individuals. Their services can range from things like health care planning, long-term care planning and Medicaid or Medicare arrangements, to things like Social Security law, guardianship arrangements and retirement planning. 

If you or your loved one have reached a point where they need to be moved into an extended care facility or receive in-home care, our team can help you make arrangements for their financial wellbeing, as well as finding the right facility for their needs. We can also help with your estate planning needs, whether it be drafting a will or trust or designating an executor and beneficiaries. No matter what you need, we’re here to help protect you and your loved one’s rights.


Florida Elder Law and Medicaid/Medicare

Florida, like many other states, offers Medicaid/Medicare services for low income or elderly individuals to help offset costs of nursing homes, medical care, and more. In many ways this can be a benefit to those who receive it, but if not properly understood and applied it can become a financial burden. Our team of elder law lawyers in Florida is prepared to help with any issues you may run into. We can also help you determine which of your assets are exempt from Florida Medicaid income requirements.

Need help addressing various Florida elder affairs issues? Our team is here for you! Call (813) 750-0513 today to speak with our elder law attorneys in a consultation.


Elder Law FAQ

At what age should I contact an elder law attorney?

While it may be tempting to wait to hire an elder law attorney in Florida until it’s time to move your loved one into a care facility, it’s important that you consider the advantages of hiring an elder law attorney before that time comes. By acting early on you can ensure that there’s time to take advantage of all the resources available to your loved one. You can also ensure that you have time to vet and hire the right attorney who has your family’s best interests in mind. The sooner the issues are dealt with, the sooner you and your loved one can have peace of mind.

How can I protect my parents' assets from their nursing home?

The best way to ensure that your elderly parent’s assets are protected is to hire an estate planning attorney to work with them to create various trusts that protect their assets from creditors. Our team at RAK Law Firm also offers will and trust planning services and are happy to help you through this process.

How do you get power of attorney for elderly parents in Florida?

If your elderly parents have lost mental sharpness or the ability to make informed financial decisions for themselves, it’s possible they may benefit from having one of their adult children assume power of attorney on their behalf. Our team can help walk you through the process and provide guidance for both you and your parents on the matter.


Get Help from a Florida Elder Law Lawyer Today

The process of addressing Florida elder law needs may seem daunting at first, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right legal team on your side, you can seamlessly navigate the process and ensure that your loved one’s rights and financial assets are protected. Don’t wait to get started!

Call the elder law attorneys at RAK Law Firm today for expert representation and compassionate legal guidance. We offer initial consultations to potential clients.

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