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We understand how complicated, stressful, and emotionally taxing it can be to deal with family issues. We have years of experience providing legal representation to clients facing such issues and helping them receive the compensation and peace of mind they deserve.

As a civil litigation firm, we’re ready to go to trial on your behalf. We do all we can to help you achieve fair solutions to your family law matters. 

How RAK Law Is Different

If you schedule an initial consultation with our legal team, you can count on our attorneys to become acquainted with you on a first-name basis. Additionally, our attorneys will consistently communicate with you throughout the duration of your case so you always know what to expect.

Our compassionate legal team at RAK Law is highly competent when it comes to Florida family law. We want to fight for our clients to protect their interests and give them the hope of a bright future.

Our Florida family lawyers are here to help. Call (813) 750-0513 or Experienced Florida Family Law Attorneys to schedule a consultation with a member of our team.

How RAK Law Can Help with Your Family Law Case

Our legal team can guide you in how to handle several legal matters that fall under the umbrella of family law, including but not limited to:

  • Alimony. Divorce brings a slew of adjustments that need to be made in terms of daily life. One of these adjustments may be determining how to meet your financial obligations after divorce. You may be eligible for alimony, or continued financial assistance, from your ex-spouse. Our skilled attorneys can assess your circumstances and help you determine your financial need.
  • Child Custody. When facing a divorce, your child’s welfare is undoubtedly at the forefront of your mind. We have a thorough knowledge of Florida child support guidelines and can assist you in determining both physical and legal custody arrangements for your child.  
  • Child Support. If you’re disputing with your ex regarding child support, we’re ready to review your case. Part of the review process will include determining the respective incomes of you and your ex and calculating how much you each owe in child support according to Florida law.
  • Divorce. Divorce can be a lengthy, emotionally tolling process. We can counsel you regarding every decision relating to your divorce in consideration of Florida divorce law.
  • Domestic Violence Injunctions. If you’ve been a victim of domestic violence, we take your case seriously and are ready to help you take action to ensure your safety. One possible action you can take is to file a restraining order against the person causing you harm. On the other hand, if you’re the recipient of a restraining order and feel it’s been issued unfairly, we can also review your case.
  • Post-Divorce Modifications. If you’ve experienced significant life changes and wish to update your divorce agreement to reflect these changes, we are ready to look at your case and educate you regarding your options.
  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements. If you wish to secure a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement or have questions on any existing agreements you have in place, we are well-informed regarding the specifics of Florida law as it pertains to protecting your assets.
  • Property Division. If you and your ex-spouse disagree on how to distribute your property in a divorce, we can advise you and advocate to protect your interests.
  • “RAK Law is by far the best law firm I have worked with.” - Frank D.
  • “They are the perfect combination of welcoming and knowledgeable.” - Allison E.
  • “He took the time to explain every step of the process to us... we were treated like family.” - Deanna S.

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