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Did your car get towed after an accident without permission? Many residents in Florida may assume they were wrongfully towed but it may depend.

In the state of Florida, businesses and property owners are allowed to tow vehicles off their premises when the vehicle is parked without permission. This includes towing a car even after an accident. It is still important to check signage around and ensure a lawful tow occurred.

While some towing companies consist of hardworking people trying to help others, especially during difficult times such as your car breaking down on the side of the road or after an auto accident. Sadly, there are other towing companies that choose to not treat people well and will do what it takes to stay afloat, even if it’s illegal.

How Do I Know if I’ve Been Wrongfully Towed vs Legally Towed?

Wrongfully towed vehicles are becoming more and more common throughout Florida. If you are questioning whether or not your vehicle was wrongfully towed, read the following questions for confirmation.

  • Did the towing company notify the police that your car was towed?
  • Was there proper signage displayed at the entry and exit of the parking lot or parking area specifying that it is a “tow-away zone” and/or “vehicles that were not authorized would be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense?”
  • Were there signs that displayed the towing company’s location information and phone number for when you pick up your vehicle?
  • Was your vehicle towed after you paid to park in a private parking lot? If yes, were there signs with clear instructions on how to display your parking receipt to prove that you are a paid parker?

Do You Feel Like You’ve Been Improperly Charged and There Were “Extra” Fees That Must Be Paid Before Retrieving Your Vehicle?

First off, be sure and obtain a detailed, signed, and itemized receipt from the towing company. Along with that, check for the following fees and make sure that they are warranted. If not, call RAK Law Firm so we can navigate through this unfortunate incident for you.

  • Was your vehicle picked up within 3 hours after being towed? If so, were after “gate or after-hour” fees?
  • If the vehicle was retrieved within business hours, was there a charge for “after-hours” or “gate” fees?
  • Did you pick up your vehicle within 24 hours? If so, were there “storage fees”?

If you answered yes to these questions, even some of them, then don’t wait any longer to call us. We’ve dealt with illegal towing cases and have helped others to recover their losses. They too were certain something illegal was happening, but was unsure where to turn for answers, until they called us.

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