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Welcome to RAK Law Firm, where we go beyond the ordinary to empower you with informed choices. RAK Law, led by Mr. Kaminsky and backed by a team with over half a century of combined experience, has faithfully represented Floridians in construction and business disputes. Our approach is systematic and intelligent, ensuring the best possible resolutions for every issue we handle.

At RAK Law, we believe in rolling up our sleeves each day and passionately advocating for our clients. Our dedication stems from a deep-seated conviction that a thriving small business economy benefits everyone.

Setting ourselves apart is not just about “tooting our own horn”; it’s about demonstrating tangible differentiators that elevate us in a competitive legal landscape. While many law firms assert their commitment to clients, at RAK Law, we can precisely articulate what makes us unique, ensuring a superior experience and outcomes for our clients.

We’re committed to delivering exceptional service, employing a thought-driven approach that permeates everything we do—from the unapologetic tone on this page to our core value of delivering the best outcomes for our clients. We’re not just in business for ourselves; we’re here for our clients who seek something unique, different, and better.

Discover the RAK Advantage, a set of distinctive benefits you can enjoy when working with us:

The RAK Advantage:

  1. Consumer Ratings: Consistently rated as the premier construction and business litigation firm in Central Florida on Google for the past five years.
  2. Selective Approach: We exclusively choose every client and case. Our intent is to collaborate with reasonable, positive clients, fostering a motivated and happy team that wants to ensure your success.
  3. Expertise: Our commitment to excellence is fortified by expert consultants and a leadership team engaging in annual retreats, quarterly planning sessions, and weekly deep-dives. This structured approach keeps us on the cutting edge, surpassing industry standards.
  4. Numbers and Tracking: Equipped with a robust financial tracking system and an in-house controller, we maintain sensible staff-to-client ratios, make strategic hiring decisions, and offer reasonable rates aligned with desired outcomes.
  5. Training: We invest significantly in monthly training for our team, ensuring they deliver top-notch service and results to our clients.
  6. Wide-Range Representation: Serving as outsourced General Counsel in Central Florida, we adeptly handle business and employment matters for businesses of all sizes, from startups to those with over $100M in revenue.
  7. Capacity: Whether representing large corporations or small businesses, our firm has the capacity and expertise to navigate legal complexities efficiently.
  8. Crossover Expertise: Our success in litigating and defending construction and business claims provides us with unique insights to help clients avoid legal pitfalls.
  9. Experience: With attorneys who have served as in-house counsel and are themselves small business owners, we bring unparalleled wisdom to the table, rivaled only by the largest employment firms.
  10. Client Retention: Demonstrating the strength of our relationships, 100% of our clients who face issues in the future choose to return to RAK to represent them in business or construction law matters.

At RAK Law Firm, we don’t just practice law; we redefine the client experience, delivering outcomes that surpass expectations. Choose us for a partnership that transcends the ordinary because at RAK, excellence is not a goal—it’s our standard.

Client Reviews

I've had dealings with several attorneys in my time. I must say RAK Law Firm is second to none. From our 1st consultation all the way through pay day, Jackie and Ramil...

Wayne Bain

Attorney Ramil Kaminsky at RAK Law firm is totally a 1st class professional that goes above & beyond to provide knowledgeable service to serve his clients 100 %!!!!

Mary-Anne McKenzie

This law firm is the best. They answered my calls and questions anytime. Walked me through everything and even personally dealt with a completely different state to get...

Kevin Banks

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